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Privacy Policy 

The privacy policy is based on the site policy and user agreement of KEYS90. It will be applicable after a user fills the registration form, accepts the terms and conditions in the site policy and registers with KEYS90.

As an aim to offer an individualized experience to the users here, KEYS90 may take all certain personal information from the users. When you get agree to give your personal information to us, we will able to permit you to access the information that bring fulfillment to you.

KEYS90 can trace the user computer’s IP address and save some information to the user’s system as cookies with a purpose to expand the user’s experience at KEYS90. However, users can accept or decline the cookies through the browser settings.

KEYS90 will never share the personal information of the users with the third party without the acceptance and volition of users. The information in general nature can be share with the external parties.

KEYS90 will keep the user’s personal information in safe and confidential. The personal information of the user will only be shown in the website after getting the acceptance of users.

The general users of KEYS90 do not require to revealing their information and identity for browsing the site. He/she only have to provide their information and details when they will fill the registration form to get registered with KEYS90.

The registered users in KEYS90 are solely responsible for keeping their information related to user password and user identification confidential. Along with that, users are solely responsible for the disclosure of transaction including debit/credit cards, documents and other forms of instruments. KEYS90 is not taking the responsibility for the unfair usage of the information relating to the debit as well as credit cards.

KEYS90 may consider your personal information for the improvement of the site, its promotion and marketing, to know about the nature of site’s users and for the improvement and customization of the content of the site, and its services. It will do with a purpose to meet the user’s expectations, provide them satisfaction, site engagement and bring more effectiveness in the browsing experience.

KEYS90 may contact you by your personal information and send information regarding the advertisements, product offerings, and certain communication relevant for you. You will able to avail such kind of information by accepting the privacy policy and user agreement in the registration form. However, anytime you can make changes into your registered profile and opt out from receiving such information if you’re not interested. Our team always works for the fulfillment and satisfaction of the users in the site. KEYS90 respects the Indian Laws and works under it. Your personal information can be disclosing to the law enforcement authorities during law enforcement injuries to avoid the violation of the law.


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