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Property CARETAKING Services

We understand your emotional attachment with your property. We provide varied assistance and well being of your property any where in India

Property owners who are sitting too far from their property, either in other state within India or in abroad can take care of their property without visiting personally through property caretaking services. Keys90 is committed to provide utmost care and supervision of your home in your absence. We understand that maintenance and security is essential for keeping a property in top and safe condition
If you are far from your property and you are looking for property caretaking services, you can rest assured that we will take the best care of your property.
Below are some of the highlights of our property caretaking services:
  • Deliver Photographs and Videos to update property owners with the condition of their property.
  • Determine current market rental or buying rate of your property including apartment, villa, plot, and land on the basis of our analysis.
  • Ensure the standard and authenticity of tenants including their background, source of income, credits.
  • Sign lease agreement, fulfill all legal formalities and issue real estate disclosure to tenants.
  • Look after your tenants and receive payment in the form of property rent.
  • Handle all communication with renters.
  • Payment of utility bills, electricity bills, internet bills, maintenance charges etc.
  • Maintenance of house including cleaning, repairing, garnishing, lawn care and other things relating to property maintenance.
  • Inform the status of your property, its condition, surrounding, neighborhood, and associated things through Photographs and Videos.
  • Routine inspection of your property.
  • Receive letters, posts and any documents reaching your property.
  • Interior decoration and furnishing.
  • Current status of construction site.
  • Check and handle any disputes, issues your property is facing or may be in future.
  • Take care of your property in terms of safety, security, damage or theft.
After All, Real Estate Is the Biggest Asset and Worth Noting!

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  • House Keeping
  • House Maintenance Services through - Carpenter, Painters, Civil Workers
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  • Selling/Rental Assistance
  • Joint Venture Assistance
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  • Home Security
  • Legal Security
  • Technical Security
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  • Made
  • Driver
  • Cook


  • Photo / Video Shoot
  • Location / City / Govt. Developments
  • Ongoing Price Trends


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