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Quick Tips Vastu 


Dear users, you'll find here the instant and quick knowledge about the Vastu tips for your Property which you can assume to take the benefits of Vastu.

  • The entrance door should be larger than any door in the property.
  • The paint of the property should be light such as yellow, blue or white.
  • No irregular shape should be allowed to the property. Only prefer rectangular or square shape.
  • Marble or tiles can be used to build the floor.
  • Bathroom, Toilet or Washroom should not be attached to the Pooja Room.
  • The portrait of god should be placed mostly at Pooja Room instead of placing everywhere.
  • The entrance portion of the property should be neat and clean.
  • The holy sign of Swastik or OM should be placed on the entrance door.
  • Nature painting is good to be place at a dining hall.
  • The Kitchen should be built at South-East direction.

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