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Terms and Conditions

To must agree with the following Terms and Conditions to access and use the website with its features and content -

  • User cannot submit the property’s description, photograph, contact, price, and other information in KEYS90 unless they have acquired the authority and rights from the property’s owner and holder.
  • User shall update and inform all the information related to the submitted property such as present condition and status of the property, nature of the property and shall reveal whether the property is free from due and outstanding or not.
  • Users shall bring forward the background of such property including title, possession and ownership.
  • User may require bringing an affidavit in future stating the authenticity of the information and data of such property with a purpose to prove his/her claim.
  • KEYS90 reserves all right to ask for more evidence and it can terminate the accounts, contracts and access if users found violating the terms and conditions repeatedly.
  • KEYS90 shall have the sole rights to assume the manner, in which the property listing is displayed, searched, downloaded, copied, accessed and modify.
  • Users accept that all the properties and related information are proper and appropriate.
  • Users will be solely responsible to maintain the back-up copies of all the submitted information, photographs and related materials. However, KEYS90 shall do all efforts to retain data backup.>
  • Customers who are buying or renting properties in KEYS90 are responsible to verify all the information about the property and its ownership to avoid any loss in further.
  • Publish and Upload of offensive, abusive, racial, pornographic material, information and content in KEYS90 is strictly prohibited.
  • Revealing the personal information about any person and violating that person’s property information in KEYS90 without that person’s acceptance and permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Delivering virus, malware in KEYS90 through publishing, uploading to damage the website and put negative effect on the system of the website is strictly prohibited.
  • Users shall not use the site in the illegal manner or against to the terms and conditions of KEYS90.
  • Website access in unauthorized manner including using of other user’s log in details and hacking is strictly prohibited.
  • Users shall not use the website for the unauthentic marketing and shall not send the inappropriate materials.
  • If your behavior and actions on the website is inappropriate and found against to the terms and conditions, the KEYS90 reserves all rights to remove your account, content and disable your access in the website. You must assume that this step of the website is totally worth and purposeful and the company may not allow you to re-register or use its features again.

Payment Terms

  • KEYS90 doesn’t keep the information and data of the credit card at the accessible location in the internet. After the fully completion of the transaction in the website, KEYS90 moves the credit card and data information off-line and ensure it’s not accessible in the internet. KEYS90 keeps the high security of the user’s credit card data and information and don’t let it to fall in the wrong hands for wrong use.
  • KEYS90 shall not be responsible for any damage and loss and any disclosure of any information of the user’s account and its information regarding online transaction using debit cards/credit cards and verification process and shall not be responsible for any omission, error and inaccuracy relating to any information revealed and used or not in the respect of legal process.

Refund Terms

KEYS90 do not offer any guarantee of refund accuracy nor guarantee the timeliness of refund reach to customer’s card and bank account. Several factors are involved in the process of online transactions, the internet infrastructure and working days as well as holidays of financial institutions. Refunds in the condition of objectionable and wrong property content posted on the website would depend on the judgment of KEYS90.

Use of Information

Customers agrees to view all the information obtained from the KEYS90 content including listing, directory of members, and any other information available to the customers as an ownership of KEYS90. Customers agrees to keep the content of the website reserved for members as confidential and do not share with the external parties. KEYS90 is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the content in the website. It belongs to customer’s own risk.

Customers shall use the listing and description as an initial use to commence evaluation about the property; customers shall not access or use such listing for personal use and shall not display such information in public, and as a publication. Customers shall not use search the service in abusive and inappropriate manner through manual and automated means, otherwise, KEYS90 will take the direct action for the termination of customer’s membership in the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

KEYS90 owned all of its trademarks, marks and logos under the license. Customers shall not use its logos, trademarks in any manner. The access of the website do not provide the rights to the customer to use its logos and trademarks, it’s strictly prohibited. KEYS90 respects all the norms of Intellectual Property Rights and its all steps in further will be based on its norms. Whether a user found using the website against to the Intellectual Property Rights, then KEYS90 will terminate the agreement without giving notice.


KEYS90 shall not initiate a waiver of its rights to enforce, in case if it’s failed to enforce or practice it’s any right in the terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Please visit Privacy Policy section.


KEYS90 is not responsible for its content, listing and information or any matter. Nor it’s responsible for inauthentic identity of the property listing, and owner. Users are solely responsible to clarify and ensure the identity of the property ownership and listing before buying or renting properties through KEYS90.

Users shall evaluate the listing and the authenticity of its ownership on their own. KEYS90 is not responsible for it in present or future. Along with that, KEYS90 is not responsible about the authenticity of any content and information within the website. It’s upon to users to evaluate on their own through any relevant source before taking any step further.


KEYS90 may terminate user’s access or restrict user’s access to the KEYS90 at any time if found misbehaving or violating the terms and conditions stated by the KEYS90.

Governing Law

Accessing the website, the users must agree that the laws operating in India shall be the governing law in the entire matters relating to the KEYS90 as well as its terms and conditions.


Courts shall have the solely jurisdiction in the entire matters concerned with the KEYS90 and its terms and conditions without taking into account the jurisdiction and territory of user’s access to KEYS90.

KEYS90 doesn’t monitor user’s positing on routine basis but reserves all rights to do the same. If KEYS90 found any improper use of its service, it reserves all rights to report this issue to the law enforcement authorities and KEYS90 will co-operate in every steps in legal action taken by the law enforcement authorities against such users.


It’s requested to report about any violation of such terms and conditions to KEYS90.

Refer and Earn Terms

  • The Refer and Earn scheme is only applicable for persons above 18 years.
  • Referral benefits shall be released only after conversion of the deal and receiving of deal commission by us or our franchisee or our sub broker.
  • Intimation of referral benefits shall be sent on the registered email address or mobile number.
  • Any Fake Reference shall be considered as a misuse of the scheme; in such case account of referrer shall be blocked and all old benefits shall be forfeited.
  • If the reference given by referrer is already registered with us it shall not come under the referrer's account.


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